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BLOG: Fintech: Should You Build, Partner, or Acquire?
The financial technology revolution has affected a variety of industries and is transforming the way banks are doing business.

BLOG: Banking Industry Financial Performance Update - June 30, 2015
CPG analyzed bank performance for the twelve months-ended June 30, 2015.

Comparative Analytics in Commercial Banking
As commercial banking becomes more important to institutional profitability, bankers need to develop comparative benchmarks in this area similar to those used in retail banking. BAI Banking Strategies, August 21, 2015, by Claude Hanley.

CPG's July/August Wire Newsletter
This issue contains an excerpt from BAI Banking Strategies article "What a Retail Bank is Really Worth", and articles on U.S. banks holdings of U.S. treasuries, innovation, improving performance metrics, and a first half 2015 report card for bank stocks.

What a Retail Bank is Really Worth
At a time when the traditional business unit accounting unfairly discounts the value of deposits, and thus of the retail franchise itself, banks need to rethink their evaluation of institutional profitability. BAI Banking Strategies, July 20, 2015, by Rolland Johannsen

CPG's May/June Wire Newsletter
This issue contains articles on the top performing midsize and large banks of 2014, St. Meyer and Hubbard's Sales Execution Forum, small business concerns, and CFPB priorities for 2015.

Where Banks Need to Focus If They Want to Outperform
A comparison of high performing banks with their overall peer group highlights important themes that should inform executives as they develop strategic priorities. American Banker BankThink, May 26, 2015, by Kevin Halsey

Spotlight on the Best-Performing Banks
Articles and a slideshow of some key metrics of the best performing public and private banks with assets less than $2 billion. American Banker, May 10, 2015

What the Top 200 Publicly Traded Community Banks Do Better Than Peers
American Banker, April 27, 2015, by Bonnie McGeer, featuring Kevin Halsey
CPG's March/April Wire Newsletter
This issue contains articles on baseline performance forecasting, serving small businesses effectively, and top performing community banks

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