Content Marketing 101

Banks and many other businesses have seen a dramatic shift in the purpose and use of content on their websites. Today content is purpose-built for online and mobile use, and the number of technologies and tools used to create, manage and mine content is incredibly vast and complex.

The good news is that content creation, marketing and management still revolves around a few simple concepts:

  1. Create content that supports the bank’s value proposition and appeals to the needs of target customer segments.
    Focus on providing segment-specific articles, tools and content related not only to the appropriate products but to financial education, life events and helping people improve their financial lives. When a financial institution has identified its key customer segments, content and marketing tailored to these segments provides a deeper, richer customer experience.
  2. Start small and track usage. Build from there.
    If your institution does nothing else, it can use simple tools such as Google Analytics to see what content and tools are being accessed and used in digital channels. Understand what content (i.e., topics) and what type of content (i.e., interactive tools, articles, calculators) is most relevant to your target segments so that you can focus resources on creating more of the highly used, relevant content and less of the filler content.
  3. Start your automation and AI education now.
    There is a lot of opportunity in mining content data, and the world of AI and marketing automation is becoming more affordable and convenient for even the smallest of institutions. The key to finding the right partner and effectively using the technology is to clearly define your objectives and goals with content management and tracking.

Looking forward, we see that content will get more personalized and even more valuable in creating deeper customer relationships.

For more information and examples of financial institutions that are embracing content marketing, see out latest Wire newsletter.


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