The Customer Experience Reveal

CPG was recently in the branch network of seven banks in a metropolitan area to conduct a customer account and onboarding experience study. We approached the study through the lens of a walk in the customer’s shoes.

Five key themes emerged that may surprise you. You can read the results which were published in the ABA Banking Journal on August 28th.

Maintaining the customer experience is similar to running a marathon. It is a journey that requires planning, preparation, periodic reviews, and adjustments. In addition, our observations and industry research show that converting existing strategies, processes and procedures to a digital environment does not result in a good external or internal customer experience. 

CPG has a proven methodology to assist and support clients with improving the customer experience. Download our methodology summary to learn how CPG can help you define and implement an enhanced internal and external customer experience that will evolve with your digital strategies.

If you are looking for a partner with the industry experience and expertise to document, define and improve the customer experience, please contact Charlotte Anderson or call 717 850-8811 or Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen or call 917 328-7828 to have a conversation on how we can help and get started. 

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