Articles and Speeches

Web Seminar: Treasury Management at a Crossroads: Support Group or Growth Engine?
American Banker/Deluxe, January 28, 2020, featuring Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefesen.

Your 2020 Marketing Spend: Digital vs. Traditional
ABA Bank Marketing, January 22, 2020, by Mark Gibson.

The Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing
ABA Bank Marketing, January 14, 2020, by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen.

The 4 Things That Matter Most to Consumers in Selecting a New Bank
The Financial Brand, January 8, 2020, by Mark Gibson and Stephanie Gonthier.

Treasury’s New Full-Time Job? Keeping Pace with Technology; Customer Expectations
Deluxe Community Blog, December 17, 2019, by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen.

The Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing
ABA Banking Journal/ABA Bank Marketing, December 13, 2019, by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen.

How to Size Up the Value of Treasury Management
Deluxe Community Blog, December 10, 2019 by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen.

Service Function or a Sales Engine? Solving Treasury Management’s Identity Crisis
Deluxe Community Blog, December 3, 2019, by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen.

Measuring the Success of a Rebrand
ABA Banking Journal/ABA Bank Marketing, December 3, 2019, by Mark Gibson.

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing Do’s and Don’ts
ABA Bank Marketing, November 19, by Mark Gibson.

4 Crucial Steps to Transform Banking Products for a Fintech World
The Financial Brand, November 11, 2019, by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen.

A Winning Game Plan: Playing Offense and Defense to Prepare for the Future
Vertical IQ Webinar, October 30, 2019, by Mary Beth Sullivan.

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing: Lessons Learned
ABA Banking Journal/ABA Bank Marketing, October 30, 2019, by Mark Gibson.

Podcast: Traditional vs.Digital Marketing
ABA Bank Marketing Conference, October 7, 2019, by Mary Ellen Georgas and Mark Gibson.

Accelerating and Amplifying Your Financial Institution’s Onboarding Success
The Financial Brand, October 14, 2019, by Mary Ellen Georgas.

Podcast: Has Banking Become too Political
American Banker’s Bankshot podcast, October 10, 2019, featuring Rolland Johannsen.

Digital and Traditional Marketing Duke it Out Onstage
ABA Bank Marketing Conference, September 23, 2019, by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen and Mark Gibson.

Traditional and Digital Marketing Duke it Out
ABA Bank Marketing, September 11, 2019, by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen.

Content-Based Marketing Helps Banks Gain Inside Track, September 3, 2019, by Maura Keller featuring Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen.

Customer Experience Lessons from the Front Lines
ABA Bank Marketing, August 28, 2019, by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen and Charlotte Anderson.

Five Strategy Questions for 2020
LinkedIn, August 26, 2019, by Mary Beth Sullivan.

Solving the Financial Health Paradox
ABA Bank Marketing, August 2, 2019, by Mark Gibson.

Let Data Drive Strategy
CU Management, July 26, 2019, by Mary Beth Sullivan and Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen.

Where regulation meets responsibility, the unwritten rules of customer data
BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report: Compliance Beyond the Regulations, July 10, 2019, by Lauri Giesen, featuring Claude Hanley.

It’s Never too Early for Marketing Planning
ABA Banking Journal, July 9, 2019, by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen.

Competing to Win in Retail Banking Today
Best Bank Expo, June 28, 2019, by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen. (conference website)

Customer Experience as a Competitive Weapon
Virginia Bankers Association’s Annual Conference, June 16, 2019, presented by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen, (conference website)

BankThink: What sets industry’s top performers apart
American Banker BankThink, June 5, 2019, by Claude Hanley.

No Participation Trophies Here: Our 2019 Ranking of Midtier Banks
American Banker, June 3, 2019, by Andy Peters featuring Kevin Halsey.

Five Common Digital Marketing Misfires and How to Avoid Them
CUES Webinar, May 30, 2019, by Mark Gibson and Mike Wallach.

Harnessing Data to Move Marketing Forward
ABA Bank Marketing, May 29, 2019, by Mark Gibson and Mike Wallach.

CFO Focus: Scenario Planning And Your Financial Future
CU Management, May 21, 2019, by Claude Hanley.

Warning Signs amid Big Gains – CPG and the American Bankers Rank the top 200 Community Banks.
American Banker Magazine, May 3, 2019, by Bonnie McGeer featuring Kevin Halsey.

BankThink: Managing Reputational Risk is Getting More Complicated
American Banker’s BankThink, April 22, 2019, by Rolland Johannsen.

Onboarding: Observations from the Front Lines
New York Bankers Association Small Business & Retail Banking Conference, April 10, 2019, presented by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen. (NYBA Small Business & Retail Banking Conference)

Drive Higher Growth Rates with Analytics
American Banker’s Retail Banking 2019: Growth Stories, March 26, 2019, presented by Mary Beth Sullivan, Mark Gibson and Mike Wallach. (American Banker’s Retail Banking 2019)

House Democrats Politicize Banking
Wall Street Journal, March 17, 2019, featuring Rolland Johannsen.

Driving Success in a Challenging Retail Banking Environment
Virginia Banker’s VBAConnect conference, March 12, 2019, presented by Kevin Halsey. (VBAConnect)

10 Minutes With… Mary Beth Sullivan
Mary Beth discusses deposit challenges with Jack Hubbard. February 19, 2019.

No data but not dated: Why pre-digital bank marketing methods still work
BAI Banking Strategies, February 13, 2019, featuring Mark Gibson.

Competing to Win in Retail Banking Today
Deluxe Exchange 2019, February 5, 2019, presented by Mary Beth Sullivan. (Deluxe Exchange 2019)

Driving Customer Engagement of Emerging Prime Segments
Deluxe Exchange 2019, February 5, 2019, presented by Mark Gibson. (Deluxe Exchange 2019)

It’s Time to Rethink Relationship Banking
American Banker/SourceMedia Small Business Banking Conference, November 29, 2019, presented by Mary Beth Sullivan and Shon Aguero. (Small Business Banking Conference)

Leadership Lessons from the Nation’s Top Performing Banks
New York Bankers Association’s Women in Leadership Conference, September 14, 2018, presented by Mary Beth Sullivan. (NYBA Women in Leadership Conference)

CFO Focus: Analytics for Strategic Planning
To help illuminate strategic issues, certain basic, cost-effective data analytics should be performed as part of the strategic plan development. CUES, August 9, 2018, by Claude Hanley.

Time for a Marketing Budget Increase!
Marketing planning will be kicking into high gear in coming weeks. For many marketing directors, that means facing the annual struggle with competing objectives—and wondering how to accomplish every priority with the people and dollars they have. ABA Bank Marketing, July 26, 2018, by Mark Gibson.

Customer Satisfaction and Your Digital Strategy
For decades, banks have encouraged and incented customers to use digital channels. The good news: nearly half of U.S. banking customers are now “digital-centric,” meaning they predominantly use online or mobile channels. The bad news: digital folks are less satisfied than customers who use branches more frequently. And perhaps even worse: they are far less valuable than branch-based customers. ABA Bank Marketing, July 2, 2018, by Mark Gibson.

The Siren Song of Bank Marketing
Where do bank marketers come from? Any easy answer to that question is likely to be flawed. You’d be hard pressed to come up with a career that attracts people from such a diverse educational backgrounds and career tracks. ABA Bank Marketing, June 12, 2018, by Mark Gibson.

BankThink: Most Important Strategy of Top Performing Banks? Simplify
Thanks to rising interest rates, lower corporate taxes and easing of regulations, the prospects for higher bank profits are bright. American Banker BankThink, June 7, 2018, by Kevin Halsey.

The Branch-Closing Conundrum: Our 2018 Ranking of Midtier Banks
The challenge with retail strategies today is that closing branches is great for cost control but keeping them open is still key to attracting deposits. CPG and the American Banker rank to top performing publicly-traded midtier banks. American Banker, June 7,  2019, by Andy Peters featuring Kevin Halsey.

Strategies to Succeed in a Rapidly Changing Industry
Massachusetts Bankers Women in Banking Conference, May 24, 2018, presented by Mary Beth Sullivan. (Massachusetts Bankers Association Women in Banking Brochure)

Customer Experience as a Competitive Weapon
Strategic Information Resources Consumer Lending Summit, May 22, 2018, presented by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen. (Strategic Information Resources)

Focus on Liquidity and Deposits
Mary Beth Sullivan and Mark Gibson were interviewed by John Oxford of Renasant Bank and Josh Mabus of the Mabus Agency for Marketing Money Podcast at the ABA Bank Marketing Conference.

Lessons Learned while Caffeinating with Cap One
Why is Capital One continuing to expand its nontraditional branch network? And what can we learn from it? When Capital One bought ING Direct, many in the banking industry thought it would close the handful of orange “brand cafes” that blended coffee with high-rate savings accounts. Exactly the opposite happened, with Capital One recently celebrating the opening of its 29th Capital One Café in Austin, Texas. ABA Bank Marketing, May 17, 2018, by Mark Gibson.

Financial Marketer, Are You Listening? Stop Buying New Customers!
It’s become common practice to offer new customers $100 in cash (or more!) to persuade them to open a checking account. Using financial incentives may get people to switch banks, but this risky marketing strategy does little more than undermine your profitability. The Financial Brand, May 7, 2018, by Mark Gibson.

Cautiously Optimistic: The Top 20 Publicly Traded Community Banks
A minor dip in profitability this past year belies the promise of what’s ahead for publicly traded banks and thrifts with less than $2 billion of assets. First in the series of articles in which CPG partners with the American Banker to rank the top performing banks of 2017. American Banker, May 4, 2018, by Bonnie McGeer, featuring Kevin Halsey.

The Five Pitfalls of Digital Marketing Banks and Credit Unions Must Avoid
Financial institutions that load up on digital and put their faith in Google, Facebook and other ad networks could be making a huge mistake. The Financial Brand, May 4, 2018, by Mark Gibson.

How Banks Can Regain Home Loan Market Share
Last week’s Wall Street Journal article about the return of subprime mortgages Banks Take Hidden Subprime Path, had a bombshell message hidden deep in the article: “In 2016, for the first time in more than 30 years, nonbank lenders accounted for the majority of mortgage dollars extended to borrowers.” This fact has huge implications for banks. ABA Bank Marketing, April 18, 2018, by Mark Gibson.

How to Make Your Culture a Competitive Weapon
Creating a strong connection between cultural values, operating processes, and management oversight will transform “culture” and “service” from talking points into a competitive weapon. Credit Union Journal, April 11, 2018, by Rolland Johannsen.

Creating a Customer Growth Engine
American Banker/Source Media Retail Banking Conference, April 9-11, 2018. Presented by Mary Beth Sullivan and Mark Gibson. (American Banker/Source Media Retail Banking 2018)

Industry ABC’s for Bank Marketers
It’s a mistake to assume that everyone understands the constantly changing dynamics of our business.  A truly nimble marketing team will cultivate an open discussion of how the industry works—and the implications that different changes have on the job of marketing a bank. ABA Bank Marketing, April 4, 2018, by Mary Ellen Georgas.

DC bank for Ethiopian-American Community Highlights Niche De Novo Opportunities
Kevin Halsey, a consultant at Capital Performance Group, said D.C. could be a prime spot for new banks, because of its large, diverse population with unique needs. He said new banks have to prove from day one they have a “carved-out value proposition.” S&P Global Market Intelligence, March 23, 2018, featuring Kevin Halsey.

The Strategic Role of Content Marketing
Content marketing is all the rage right now, and there are many reasons why. ABA Bank Marketing, March 13, 2018, by Mark Gibson.

How to Get Marketing and Sales on the Same Page
We learned in our college classes that Sales and Marketing are related disciplines, and that Marketing grew out of Sales Management. So why is it often so hard fort these groups to get on the same page? LinkedIn, March 10, 2018, by Mark Gibson.

Leadership Lessons from the Nation’s Top Performing Banks
Pennsylvania Bankers Association Women in Banking, March 5, 2018, by Mary Beth Sullivan. (PA Bankers Association)

A Chink in the Armor?
Bank of America’s recently announced changes to its basic checking account have caused a firestorm of comment, mainly regarding its possible abandonment of the lower end of the mass market. Contrary to the hype, BofA hasn’t turned its back on Middle America. ABA Bank Marketing, February 27, 2018, by Mark Gibson.

BankThink: Guns Pose a Political Treat to Banks
In the past, banks have prudently avoided getting involved in partisan political issues that do not directly impact their institutions or the industry as a whole. This time feels different. In this case, the difference is the nature and intensity of the voices speaking out — the victims. American Banker BankThink, February 23, 2018, by Rolland Johannsen.

Real World Segmentation Strategies
There’s no doubt a segmentation strategy can be challenging to implement in a multi-channel, multi-product, and multi-stakeholder environment. But a focus on specific segments that are important to your institution will pay dividends in the long-term by increasing customer loyalty and profitability. ABA Bank Marketing, February 22, 2018, by Mary Ellen Georgas.

It’s Time to Push the ‘Reset’ Button on Bank Marketing
If you view marketing as an expense rather than an investment or if your business lines view marketing as a partner in growth, it’s time to transform your marketing function into a true revenue producing unit before your competitor does. The Financial Brand, February 21, 2018, by Mark Gibson.

10 Minutes with Mark Gibson
St. Meyer and Hubbard’s pint size programs feature the best of the best in today’s financial services landscape. Mark Gibson’s 10 Minutes focus on marketing trends.

Onboarding New Customers to Maximize Engagement and Build Relationships
Deluxe Exchange 2018, by Mary Beth Sullivan. (Deluxe Exchange 2018)

Getting Marketing and Sales on the same 2018 Page
There is a straight-forward “six point plan” for getting Sales and Marketing to collaborate effectively. St. Meyer & Hubbard “Conversations”, February 8, 2018, by Mary Beth Sullivan and Mark Gibson.

Excellent Executive Execution: How to save retail banking
Most bank CEOs appreciate that significant changes are needed to assure the long-term viability of their retail franchises. And so increasingly they ask, “Is it worth it?” BAI Banking Strategies, January 25, 2018, by Rolland Johannsen.

A Marketer’s Guide to Branch Planning
If you can’t remember the last time you visited a branch or talked with a branch manager, you’ll want to read this article and make an appointment to visit a branch as soon as possible. ABA Bank Marketing, January 24, 2018, by Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen.

Why is Bank of America discontinuing free checking for it’s online-only users
As customers become more tech-savvy, the nation’s second-largest bank no longer needs to offer discounts to encourage the adoption of e-banking. American Banker, January 22, 2018, by Kevin Wack featuring Mary Beth Sullivan.

BankThink: Credit Score Changes Would Saddle Banks with Risk to Help Nonbanks
The VantageScore model has the potential to reduce the credit quality of the loans purchased by Fannie and Freddie, increasing overall systemic risk. American Banker BankThink, January 16, 2018 by Rolland Johannsen.

The Five Pitfalls of Digital Marketing Banks and Credit Unions Must Avoid
Financial institutions that load up on digital and put their faith in Google, Facebook and other ad networks could be making a huge mistake. The Financial Brand, January 15, 2018 by Mark Gibson.

Take Your Seat at the Executive Table
More and more marketers are joining the ranks of senior management, better positioned to contribute to their banks’ strategic direction and success. As a result, the entire industry is benefiting. ABA Bank Marketing, January 12, 2018 by Mark Gibson.


Please contact us if you would like a copy of one (or more) of these older articles as url’s change as publications move/archive older articles.

Top Ten Retail Banking Trends and Predictions for 2018
Financial institutions struggle with complex regulations, legacy systems, new technologies and competitors, and an increasingly demanding customer base. Insights from a crowdsourced panel of 100 financial services influencers, industry analysts and banking providers combined with the results from a global research study helps identify future trends and strategies for long-term growth. December 18, 2017, featuring Mary Beth Sullivan. (The Financial Brand)

Better Service as a Differentiator
Ask a community banker why clients choose his or her bank, and the answer inevitably points to superior personal service. This is understandable, given that national banks often claim the honor of best technology or greatest convenience. But do community banks really outperform in the service category? If not, how can they get there? December 12, 2017, by Mark Gibson. (ABA Bank Marketing)

The Win-Win of Sustainable Banking
Companies with sound sustainability practices also have superior access to capital and pay less for it. And studies show that stock price performance is positively influenced by good sustainability practices. November 14, 2017, by Mark Gibson. (ABA Bank Marketing)

How to Leverage Buyer Behavior
Marketing and advertising techniques have been rapidly evolving away from demographic and attitudinal segmentation—and towards behavioral segmentation. October 3, 2017, by Mark Gibson. (ABA Bank Marketing)

Winning Through Advanced Product Design
ABA Bank Marketing Conference, September 24, 2017, by Mary Beth Sullivan, Mark Gibson, and Shon Aguero (Landmark Bank). (ABA Bank Marketing Conference)

How to Build Remarkable Bank Products
Carefully researched, crafted, and marketed “remarkable products” can attract attention and generate superior household growth in an increasingly competitive market. September 15, 2017, by Mark Gibson & Kevin Halsey. (ABA Bank Marketing)

BankThink: Equifax breach threatens bank reputations, too
Clearly, if you are a banker, you can rest assured that the data breach at Equifax was not your fault. So why do you have a dog in this fight? The problem for banks is not what they did, or what they did not do, but rather what steps they might neglect in dealing with the aftermath of the Equifax breach. September 12, 2017, by Rolland Johannsen. (American Banker BankThink)

Gen Xers Get No Respect!
Are you missing the opportunity with the Rodney Dangerfield of generations? Gen Xers are resilient, successful, and deserving of more focus. August 18, 2o17, by Mary Ellen Georgas. (ABA Bank Marketing)

Can banks afford to remain on the political sidelines?
The Bill of Rights does not require that companies support, encourage, or tolerate ignorance and hate. August 17, 2017, by Rolland Johannsen. (American Banker BankThink)

Know Your Community’s Triangle
Ask a community bank leader what makes his or her organization special, and you will often hear: “We deliver great personal service, we take care of our customers, and we are committed to our local communities.” Are they living up to this promise? August 4, 2017, by Mark Gibson. (ABA Bank Marketing)

The One Bank Metric that Matters Most Now
Some regional banks became top performers by out-pacing their peers on loan growth, others by pursuing diverse sources of fee income. But core deposit growth might be the best indicator of which banks will have true staying power in the years ahead. August 1, 2017, by Laura Alix, featuring Kevin Halsey. (American Banker)

Winning the New Deposit War
For the past decade, banks have taken for granted the abundance of low-cost deposits. Customers flocked to banks for safety during the crisis, and didn’t see any attractive investments for that money long after the crisis ended. However, there is ample evidence this period of easy deposit growth has come to an end. July 13, 2016, by Mark Gibson. (ABA Bank Marketing)

Your Yin Broke My Yang – it’s time to restore industry/regulatory balance
Relationships between bankers and their prudential regulators have always been complex and complicated. However, over the last decade the appropriate balance between banks and their regulations has become seriously distorted. June-July 2017, by Rolland Johannsen. (The European Financial Review)

ABA Payments Survey 2017
ABA Payment Forum, June 22-23 in Washington, DC. Mary Beth Sullivan presented the results of ABA’s Payment Survey 2017 and Claude Hanley moderated an executive panel. CPG worked closely with the ABA on its new Payment Forum and its new 2017-Payments-Strategy-Survey.

Hey big spenders, way to go: Our 2017 ranking of midtier banks
The top-performing banks in the $2 billion-to-$10 billion asset class are a diverse group made up of traditional commercial lenders, mortgage powerhouses, serial acquirers and fee generators. But one common characteristic is that they are unafraid to invest in their growth. This is especially striking given the pressure all banks are under to control expenses these days. May 31, 2017, by Alan Kline, featuring Kevin Halsey. (American Banker)

BankThink: Three pathways to high performance for banks
How do the top-performing banks continue to post double-digit returns, despite having the same serious profit-dampening challenges as their peers? The answer isn’t exactly straightforward. May 31, 2017, by Kevin Halsey. (American Banker BankThink)

The June issue of American Banker Magazine features full ranking and both articles above.

Emotional Banking in the Digital Age
With customers turning more and more to self-service tools, how can banks establish and maintain positive emotional connections with customers who visit the branch much less frequently? May 30, 2017, by Mark Gibson. (ABA Bank Marketing)

Product Design for Acquisition and Relationship Results
Massachusetts Bankers Annual Technology & Retail Banking Conference, May 19, 2017, presented by Mary Ellen Georgas.

Enduring as a Pillar of Your Community
Our industry is still trying to regain the trust and shine it lost during the financial crisis. Even our community banks have been tarnished by the perceived greed and callousness of the giant few. April 28, 2017, by Mark Gibson. (ABA Bank Marketing)

Getting Big Results with Small Data Analytics
AMIfs Annual Conference – Financial Performance & Risk Management, April 26-28, 2017, presented by Claude Hanley.

All about scale: The top 200 publicly traded community banks
The combination of low interest rates and increased regulatory expenses leaves banks with few options for improving their performance. But one effective strategy — to at least offset the dampening effect — is to bulk up. April 26, 2017, by Bonnie McGeer, featuring Kevin Halsey. (American Banker)

United Airlines debacle has lessons for bank culture
While overbooking is a unique issue for the airline industry — and this may be an extreme example — there are many company culture lessons to be learned from how this was handled for any service industry, including banks. April 24, 2017, by Rolland Johannsen. (American Banker BankThink)

Winning Strategies for Community Banks
Community banks are under pressure to grow and remain relevant – to attract new customers as their customer base ages. April 14, 2017, by Mark Gibson. (ABA Bank Marketing)

Skills Gap
As banks transform, employee skills don’t always keep up. Banking Exchange, April-May 2017, featuring Mary Beth Sullivan. (Banking Exchange)

Ahoy! Onboard Customers for Life
What if you could improve new customer retention rates 25% – 50%? What if you could lift cross-sell campaign responses 1.5 – 2.0 times within the first 90 days of new account opening?  What if you could increase revenue from new customers 35% – 40%? April 5, 2017, by Mary Ellen Georgas. (ABA Bank Marketing)

The Battle for Mass Affluent Gen Xers
NYBA Small Business & Retail Banking Conference, April 4-6, 2017.

Driving Value Through the Branch – panel discussion
NYBA Small Business & Retail Banking Conference, April 4-6, 2017.

Reputational Risks are Heightened by Tense Political Climate
The newest reputational threat has nothing to do with violations of regulations or ethical norms, but rather with the extreme polarization and activism spreading through the country. February 22, 2017, by Rolland Johannsen. (American Banker BankThink)

ABA National Conference for Community Bankers
Rolland Johannsen facilitated the CEO Peer Exchange for banks with assets of $2B+.

How to Use Measurement & ROI to Increase Your Marketing Budget
Deluxe Exchange, February 6-8, 2017, by Mark Gibson.

Payments Disruption: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
A whole host of industries have been altered dramatically by the entrance of technology-based category disruptors that have changed the competitive landscape and left once-powerful companies to either wither or die. Retail, media, news, entertainment and transportation are just a few industries that have experienced painful (for some) transformations. The question remains, “Is the banking industry next?” We believe the answer is “yes!”  November 9, 2016, by Rolland Johannsen. (American Banker)

“We’re Not Wells Fargo” Won’t Cut It With Regulators
In the wake of the Wells Fargo scandal, many inside and outside the industry are asking a very simple question: “Are the unethical sales practices unique to Wells Fargo or do they have broader industry implications?” October 21, 2016, by Rolland Johannsen. (American Banker BankThink)

Meet the ROI Challenge Head On
NEFMA Fall Conference, October 14, 2016.

Building a Data-Driven Marketing Organization
NEFMA Fall Conference, October 14, 2016.

Getting Big Results from Small Data Analytics
ABA CFO Exchange, September 20, 2016.

Fighting the Talent Battle in Bank Marketing
Chief marketing officers tell us they have two huge challenges today: shifting their existing staff to the digital world; and finding enough analytical talent to inform and measure successful campaigns. August 29, 2016, by Mark Gibson. (BAI Banking Strategies)

Is Size an Advantage? Not Always, Our Ranking of Regional Banks Shows
The combination of higher regulatory expenses and reduced income from interchange fees is taking a toll on the profitability of banks with $10B to $50B. July 27, 2016, by Andy Peters, featuring Kevin Halsey. (American Banker)

Leveraging Digital Advertising
Marketing has changed more in the past three years than in the previous thirty as new media channels, including social, have proliferated. Bank marketers know they need to move an increasing portion of their ad budget to digital. The questions are: how much and to what? July 5, 2016, by Mark Gibson. (BAI Banking Strategies)

How Bankers Can Address Growing Budgeting Headaches
Budgeting at banks is a tricky balancing act that gets more challenging each year. June 8, 2016, by Jackie Stewart, featuring Claude Hanley. (American Banker)

Lessons from the Top-Performing Banks
High-performing banks still managed to deliver double-digit returns on equity capital last year. June 1, 2016, by Mary Beth Sullivan. (American Banker’s BankThink)

Why Midsize Banks Rule Right Now
Large enough to meet customer needs yet small enough to escape some of the Dodd-Frank Act’s most onerous compliance expenses, banks with assets of $2B to $10B are more profitable, as a group, than their smaller and larger counterparts. May 26, 2016, by Alan Kline, featuring Kevin Halsey. (American Banker)

The C-Suite-Savvy Marketing Plan
The Financial Brand Forum 2016, May 17, 2016.

Leadership Lessons from High Performing Banks
Pennsylvania Bankers Annual Convention, May 12, 2016.

Fighting the Talent Battle in Bank Marketing
Bank chief marketing officers need to be proactive in building teams that can operate effectively in today’s digital world. May 2016, by Mark Gibson.

Building a C-Suite Savvy Digital Marketing Plan
If financial marketers hope to get the resources and budgets they want, they must first build a digital marketing roadmap and get the the C-suite on board. May 3, 2016. (The Financial Brand)

Which Small Bank Has the Biggest ROAE?
CPG is proud to partner again with the American Banker to rank 2015’s Top Performing Banks. Part 1: Publicly traded banks and thrifts with less than $2 billion in assets. April 25, 2016. (American Banker)

Strategic & Long Term Capital Planning
Missouri Bankers Association Bank Finance & Accounting Forum, April 14, 2016.

Marketing ROI in Banking: A Big Black Hole?
How can anyone figure out how much should be spent on marketing if they can’t calculate ROI? Marketers have to run the numbers and do the math. April 11, 2016, by Mark Gibson. (The Financial Brand)

Utilizing Branch Network Insights to Generate Better Branch Goals, Marketing Strategies, and Sales
Pennsylvania Bankers Branch Transformation Conference, March 30, 2016.

The Marketing Divide: How CMOs and The C-Suite Must Connect
In the financial industry, there are major disconnects between CMOs and their peers at the executive table. How does everyone get on the same page? March 8, 2016, by Mark Gibson. (The Financial Brand)

Creating Relevancy in the Age of the Millennials
Pennsylvania Bankers Association Women in Banking Conference, March 7, 2016.

Getting Big Results with Small Data
Rather than devoting huge resources to unproven Big Data programs, most banks are better off utilizing Small Data analytics in 5 key categories, February 12, 2016, by Claude Hanley and Rolland Johannsen. (BAI Banking Strategies)

Achieving Top Tier Performance
Massachusetts Bankers Association CEO/Senior Management Workshop, January 28, 2016.

Top 10 Banking Trends for 2015
BAI Banking Strategies, January 12, 2016, by Jim Marous featuring Mary Beth Sullivan. (BAI Banking Strategies)

Getting The Most From Your Retail Network
NYBA Financial Services Forum. November 4, 2015, by Rolland Johannsen.

Translating Branch Network & Channel Insights into Actionable Marketing Strategies
American Banker – Banking Analytic Symposium. October 5, 2015, by Mary Beth Sullivan, Kevin Halsey, and Mark Gibson.

Comparative Analytics in Commercial Banking
As commercial banking becomes more important to institutional profitability, bankers need to develop comparative benchmarks in this area similar to those used in retail banking. August 21, 2015, by Claude Hanley. (BAI Banking Strategies)

Innovation: The Quest for Better Solutions and New Revenue Sources
Innovation – enabled by technology – is transforming everything, and some aspects of financial services are being seriously disrupted. St. Meyer & Hubbard Sales Executive Forum, July 28, 2015, by Mary Beth Sullivan.

What a Retail Bank is Really Worth
At a time when the traditional business unit accounting unfairly discounts the value of deposits, and thus of the retail franchise itself, banks need to rethink their evaluation of institutional profitability.  July 20, 2015, by Rolland Johannsen. (BAI Banking Strategies)

Where Banks Need to Focus If They Want to Outperform
A comparison of high performing banks with their overall peer group highlights important themes that should inform executives as they develop strategic priorities. May 26, 2015, by Kevin Halsey. (American Banker BankThink)

Spotlight on the Best-Performing Banks
Articles and a slideshow of some key metrics of the best performing public and private banks with assets less than $2 billion. May 10, 2015. (American Banker)

What the Top 200 Publicly Traded Community Banks Do Better Than Peers
CPG ranks the top 200 publicly traded community banks of 2014. April 27, 2015, by Bonnie McGeer, featuring Kevin Halsey. (American Banker)

Community Bankers Cannot Be All Things To All People
SNL: Conference Chatter Blog, April 22, 2015, by Nathan Stovall, featuring Mary Beth Sullivan.

Optimizing Your Retail Network
Pennsylvania Bankers Association Branch Transformation Conference, March 31, 2015, by Mary Beth Sullivan.

Solving the Small Business Dilemma
BAI Banking Strategies, March 27, 2015, by Rolland Johannsen and Mary Beth Sullivan. (BAI Banking Strategies)

How to Design and Defend Tomorrow’s Retail Bank Distribution Strategy
American Banker/SourceMedia Retail Banking 2015, March 10, 2015, Tim Quinn panelist.

Community Banks Need Sleeker Approach to Small-Business Lending
American Bank’s BankThink, February 24, 2015, by Claude Hanley. (BankThink)

Webinar: Create the Plan, Set the Compass, Here We Go (Strategy and Marketing Planning and Execution in 2015)
St. Meyer and Hubbard’s Virtual Learning Lab, January 15, 2014, by Mary Beth Sullivan and Lance Kessler.

Does Strategy Drive Execution? Or Does Execution Define Strategy?
St. Meyer and Hubbard’s Coaching the Conversation Newslettter, January 8, 2015, by Mary Beth Sullivan a
nd Rolland Johannsen.


Recent & Upcoming Speaking Events

Mary Beth Sullivan to give an Industry Overview at the Massachusetts Bankers CEO/Senior Managers Conference on January 30th in Waltham, MA.

Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen to present “Competing to Win in Retail Banking Today” at the Bank Horizons Management Conference on March 3rd in Atlantic City, NJ.

Mark Gibson delivered the Marketing Keynote at the Marquis Users Conference on October 21st, in Dallas, TX.

Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen presented “Customer Experience as a Competitive Advantage” at the Virginia Bankers Association’s Annual Conference on June 17th on Kiawah Island, SC.

Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen presented “Competing to Win in Retail Banking” at the Best Bank Expo! on June 28th in Springfield, MA.

Mark Gibson and Mary Ellen-Georgas Tellefsen “duked it out” at the ABA Bank Marketing Conference on September 23rd, in Austin, TX. The will co-present “Digital and Traditional Marketing Duke it Out Onstage”.