Financial Services Research Practice

The Service

We employ sophisticated analytical models, extensive research capabilities, and deep industry knowledge to help our clients arrive at more informed decisions. Our in-house research capabilities and expertise augmented by university-affiliated data scientists enable us to conduct sophisticated data analytics and to provide practical interpretation. Our research capabilities allow us to:

  • Conduct issue-based research germane to the financial services industry
  • Perform research on potential impact of proposed legislative and regulatory initiatives
  • Provide litigation support research and reports
  • Offer expert witness services

Recent Research Engagements and Current Areas of Interest

  • Payments
  • FinTech impact on traditional financial services models
  • Short-term credit
  • Overdrafts
  • Alternative payments
  • Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies

Typical Approach

  • Review current studies to ascertain an array of perspectives of an issue
  • Determine salient metrics
  • Gather relevant data to conduct analytics
  • Use internal and external expertise to perform statistical calculations and analyses
  • Develop recommendations based on interpretation of the data and qualitative considerations

Michael Flores

Capital Performance Group is proud to announce the expansion of its research practice with the addition of Michael Flores.

Michael Flores and his firm, Bretton Woods, Inc. have entered into a strategic alliance with CPG to provide leadership in CPG’s Financial Services Research Practice. Michael has extensive experience in structuring and executing research assignments addressing a number of public policy issues and has testified before U.S. House and Senate committee hearings over the past several years.

Michael brings to CPG more than 30 years of consulting experience with various firms including as CEO of Bretton Woods, Inc., Principle of EDS Management Consulting Services and SVP of Bank Earnings International.

Issues analyzed encompass Dodd-Frank, the Durbin Amendment, CFPB proposed regulation of payday loans, overdrafts, deposit advance loan and other short-term credit products.  He has also written a white paper on the usage of short-term loans in the United Kingdom.  Other research analyzed general purpose reloadable prepaid cards and payroll cards and he has written commentaries on reports issued by regulatory agencies and public interest groups.

Data drives our analyses.  Much of the research involves very large data sets rom which sophisticated statistical analyses are performed and commentary and recommendations are written based on the data.  Our methodologies are clearly disclosed, reviews of other studies are properly sources and assumptions, if any, are logically explained.

Michael can be reached at via email or 404-352-1800.

Why CPG?

Capital Performance Group provides specialized support to institutions, attorneys and associations in the area where business, regulation, and public policy intersect. We approach these assignments from a practical perspective based on a deep understanding of how the industry operates. We are financial services experts, with a proven track record of conducting research in various facets of the industry including payments, bank performance, customer segment needs, market analytics, and industry best practices.

Additionally, we have produced research on overdrafts, short-term loans, network branded prepaid cards and payroll cards and commentaries on proposed legislation/regulation and agency research which provided data-driven analyses to assist in more informed decision making.

Examples of Previous Research include the 2017-Payments-Strategy-Survey and the Risk Events Monitor