Credit Risk Management & Finance


CPG’s professionals work with clients to develop and execute solutions to compete in commercial, consumer, and mortgage lending and manage and monitor the associated credit risks.  Our consultants have decades of experience and a current knowledge of best practices, technology platforms, regulatory guidance, and third-party solutions that support the credit function.

Our Services

  • CPG’s Risk Events Monitor
  • Vendor Evaluation for Credit Process Systems
  • Training Programs for Lenders and Other Credit Risk Personnel
  • Credit Risk Management Workshops to support Strategy Planning
  • Loan Portfolio Reporting & Loan Policy Reviews
  • Credit Process Assessment & Redesign
  • Development & Implementation of Risk-Rating Methodologies
  • Credit Culture Assessment
  • Strategic and Business Planning for Commercial Banking
  • Segmentation Strategies for Commercial Banking



Capital Performance Group provides assistance in the key areas of responsibility shouldered by the finance function, including reporting, budgeting and forecasting, long-term strategic planning, valuations, decision support, and performance measurement. CPG’s professionals help to augment the capabilities of the finance function to ensure effective oversight, analysis, and reporting.

Our Services

  • Balanced Scorecards Aligned with Strategic and Financial Goals
  • Performance Benchmarking by Business Unit/Department
  • Productivity & Efficiency Dashboards
  • Business Case Development & Return Analysis for Evaluating Investments
  • Business Valuations & M&A Candidate Analysis
  • Define User Needs, Vendor Evaluation, and Implementation Assistance for Profitability and Financial Planning Systems
  • Finance Organizational Redesign
  • Cost Analysis, Financial Benchmarking, Peer Analysis
  • Financial Modeling to Support Strategic Planning and Annual Budgeting

For more information, please contact Claude Hanley, Managing Partner, 202-337-7875.

The resources of most banks should be devoted to more manageable and cost-effective data analytics that will yield more immediate benefits and measurable results.

Claude Hanley
Partner, Capital Performance Group