Distribution Strategy & Channel Management

The growth of digitization has rapidly impacted the way in which customers interact with their financial institutions. Branch transaction volume is declining while adoption and usage of digital channels pushes to new all-time highs. This presents organizations with an opportunity to reduce the high costs of operating physical branch facilities. Yet, in-person advice and human touch remain key differentiators for many in the industry.

This evolution raises a number of difficult questions: In a relationship-based industry, how can financial institutions differentiate themselves with fewer in-person interactions? How can banks eliminate hefty distribution expenses with minimal adverse impacts to customers, staff, and product balances? How can smaller financial organizations compete in today’s digital world against organizations with billion-dollar-plus technology and marketing budgets?

In an area of great uncertainty, CPG helps to build organizational confidence through a rigorous analytical approach while providing new, fresh industry best practices to determine the most promising options for your organization. We have spent over 25 years honing our distribution practice, helping clients build marketplace distinction, improves sales performance, ensure efficient operations, and promote customer loyalty. We work closely with our clients and assist them in planning, designing, developing, and managing distribution systems that are customer-focused, integrated, and cost-effective.

Download a sample our Market and Branch Analytics Work Product.

In addition to working with your teams to build a comprehensive and actionable distribution system strategy, CPG offers the following capabilities:

Optimization of Existing Channels

  • Market Analytics
  • Multi-Channel Integration Strategy and Planning
  • Digital Channel Roadmaps
  • Branch Process Reviews and Improvement
  • Sales and Relationship Management Program Design
  • Branch Scorecards and Goal Enhancement
  • Branch Network Consolidation
  • Market Opportunity Assessment and Prioritization

New Market Entry

  • Market Entrance Strategy
  • Branch Site Analysis and Selection
  • M&A Candidate Research and Analysis

Workplace Banking

  • Program Design
  • Program Implementation Support

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Simple changes and attention to detail during the onboarding process can make a world of difference for your bank’s bottom line.

Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen
Managing Director, Capital Performance Group