Top Strategy Questions for 2020

1.       Is our business recession-ready?

Now is the time to take stock and be certain the business can withstand both a recession and a potential extended very low interest rate, low growth recovery period.

2.       Are we a better choice than our competitors?

Having a clear reason for why you are a better choice than your competition (for targeted segments) remains critical. Build the short list of actions you will take in 2020 to create even more value for your customers/members.

3.       Are we changing quickly enough to stay relevant?

Consumer behavior continues to evolve. Technologies that aid customers/members to manage their financial lives also continue to evolve and improve. Businesses must embrace faster, more agile practices to create the changes required to stay relevant to consumers and business owners and attract talent.

4.       Is our business becoming increasingly intelligent and efficient?

Leading edge financial institutions are prioritizing efforts to better leverage data to create the insights needed to operate more intelligently and efficiently – in virtually every part of the operation.

5.       What are the big plays for 2020?

You can’t do everything on the wish list. Focus remains the most critical part of strategy-setting. It’s imperative that everyone understands the short list of critical programs/projects for 2020 that will have the most impact on your company’s success going forward.

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